In the Studio

This page is  repository of things eclectic, strange and personal around my studio…




(Above) My voodoo doll hanging on the wall. I made the large pins out of sharpened coat hangers. I think the Canadian tire money is there to keep zombie Lorne Greene at bay. So far the studio has not had one visit from a Canadian Zombie so I guess I’ve created some powerful mojo.


My collection of polaroids of me with  large plush mascot like characters…

Polaroids 1

(above) left -Hershey Park , right- a long island ducks game with “Quackerjack

Polaroids 2

(above) at ABA in New York at the Javits Center. left- Dora and Diego, right with Snoopy


Space whiff

(above) 1989  at a licensing show. This was the NASA booth. Somehow Ron Evans the Apollo 17 astronaut horned in on my photo with “Space Whiff“.   The nerve!  I mean it’s space whiff for goodness sake, he (Evans) just piloted the command module that went to the moon in our final lunar mission. Did he ever work a hot convention floor while wearing pounds and pounds of felt in the summer and waving at every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks by? I think not…

Scooby and I were actually embracing before this picture was taken. Like two long lost friends.  I wonder if he used to watch me on saturday mornings…

My god, does he (or she) know I want to drink him.  I’ve dreamed about a coffee this big.


(above) a studio class taught by Robert Henri. “Edward Hopper is third from the left, to his left stands Rockwell Kent and Arthur  Cederquist. George Bellows leans over he first easel on the left”.


Hanging near my drafting table is a picture of Robert Henri (in the small cabinet card) and his class at The New York School of Art circa. 1903-04.  The New York School of Art, or Chase school would later grow into Parsons. At it’s beginings the school had a connection to illustration Howard Chandler Christy was a faculty member there. …But back to the photo.    Robert Henri was a painter and extremely, extremely , influential teacher and mentor to the members of a new (at the time) style of paintingthat involved social realism and a jounalistic approach. He developed quite a following. Students were passionately commited to studying with him, so much so  that they would sleep on a park bench to save money for tuition for his classes. His students read like a who’s who of american 2oth century art:  Edward Hopper, Rockewell Kent, George Bellows, Joseph Stella, and Stuart Davis among others. Henri was a important figure in the group later known as the Ashcan school: John Sloan, George Luks, Everett Shinn, organizing exhibitions and bringing them to New York from Philadelphia.   Robert Henri  also taught at the Art Students League in NY. An ex-student of his , Margery Ryerson,  compiled his advice to students into a book titled  The Art Spirit which I’d reccomend every artist  read.  So here Henri (pronounced “Hen-Rye”) sits like a small shrine, with his class in perpetual session hopefully rubbing some of his teacher-ly wisdom off on me.


2 Responses

  1. ☆✩ hi les! ✩☆ i came across your blog when i googled your name & i was planning on not commenting,
    but i decided i HAD to when i saw this ♡voodoo doll♡! it’s amazing! how big is it?!!

    • thanks Masuko, I’ll pass the comment on him (her? it?) . It’s actually a voodoo doll that’s sold in novelty stores. Try
      it’s 9″ tall. All the stuff impaled on it is mine and just kind of grew . The white hair is shredded plastic bags (a great material to make stuff out of.) I can’t wait to se yours…hint…hint

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