Centerfold at NY Comic Con

This past weekend was Comic Con at the Javits Center in NYC.  Unfortunately I was only able to make a quick scan of the con which was wonderfully packed for a Friday night.  I did get the chance to check in with the Men from Mammal who had a table hawking their creative guts laid bare for all to see and unveiling  issue #3  (The Fear Issue) with a stunning cover by Tom Forget.  What a talented bunch of guys. The issue looks great with a lot of new contributors and a 6 page fold out done by me , “Fear of Cubicles” (see earlier posts ) on one side and  Devin Clark’s “Fearscape” on the other side. Devin is also the creator of the animated series  Ugly Americans on comedy central.


(Above) Tom Forget ( left ) and Dan Meth (right) working harder than a Glengarry-Glen ross sales team.  …Always Be Mammaling…


(Above) Tom  and Dan making my fold out spread in issue #3 look good.


(above) Dan and his newsprint 4 pager


(above) Ben Marra (left) and Mr. Forget.


Accidental Type

Just some interesting accidents while working on a series…

Kolo LP Std



A Hemingway preview

Thanks to the gracious invite of a number of awesomely talented guys, the creators of Mammal magazine I’ve been given a forum for my interpretation of the morning of Ernest Hemingway’s death.