Voilá, The i-Victrola!  Don’t you want to enjoy your  i-pod with the tinny, scratchy sound that befits the post-industrial revolution? I had originally thought that this would be a dock with a port on the top but then at the suggestion of  my  better half I tried it by placing an i-pod inside and let the horn act as a passive amplifier. it works surprisingly well. The top of this lifts up.

The right side sports a coffee mill ( you could brew your own java will listening to NPR in the morning), and of course there is a gauge in the front to…uh…gauge things.

For a quick sound demo click on this link   www.youtube.com/watch?v=36E7key6Xh4


Don’t Take Any Wooden Pelvises

Every once in  a while I use the  cast off  blocks of wood in the shop to make something for my daughter.

This fellow is a little early for halloween…

and his half -brother…”Scrappy”.

Leon Redbone Dwg. & Further Evidence of Sketchbookery

Leon Redbone at the Iridium 5/14.   I had great seats to hear Leon’s accomplished guitar playing and his anachronistic  hijinks.  Unfortunately he fled the scence before I could get him to autograph my sketch of him in my book.  Jumping out the back window to avoid a disgruntled husband no doubt…


below are some recent  pages ….


an unknown lady sings the blues and two  portraits of Blind Lemon Jefferson.

Sketchbook Osama

Anyone commuting or…okay awake the week of May 2, 2011 could not help but be bombarded by Osama Bin Laden’s face staring out at them from every newspaper, magazine and screen.  I was drawing his portrait in my sketchbook unconciously….


My daughter and I have started reading the “Guardians of Ga’Hooleseries written by Kathryn Lasky. You might remember there was an animated movie based on the 15 book series that came out in 2010.  Without going into a review of either we’re having a lot of fun reading them and I have taken to drawing some of the owls from the book in my sketchbook.

Jatt & Jutt are a particularly nasty  pair of birds that figure into the story early on. I did a quick sketch for my daughter:

I liked the simplicity of the sketch and their expressions, but of course could not leave well enough alone.  On another page of my moleskin I painted a more fussy version.  I’m not sure if it’s “better” yet but the story doesn’t end there…

I walk down broadway in NYC most mornings and pass the usual  visual excess, posters, advertisements, etc. The next day after I did the 2nd version of Jatt & Jutt I was walking along my usual route when I was confronted by this…

hmmmm….look familiar?  My god, am I that susceptable on an unconcious level to things I see during the day ? How frightening and wonderful!  A concept hitting me square between the eyes.

and Kourtney is even wearing feathers…

I’m Ready for My Close Up….

I was (and am) flattered to be the subject of a one minute short by two talented artists, film maker  Ray Zablocki and illustrator Peter Hamlin. Below is a screen shot, click on the link to go to the Vimeo page and of course check out Ray’s other great shorts.  Thanks again you two.   http://vimeo.com/11705987

Centerfold at NY Comic Con

This past weekend was Comic Con at the Javits Center in NYC.  Unfortunately I was only able to make a quick scan of the con which was wonderfully packed for a Friday night.  I did get the chance to check in with the Men from Mammal who had a table hawking their creative guts laid bare for all to see and unveiling  issue #3  (The Fear Issue) with a stunning cover by Tom Forget.  What a talented bunch of guys. The issue looks great with a lot of new contributors and a 6 page fold out done by me , “Fear of Cubicles” (see earlier posts ) on one side and  Devin Clark’s “Fearscape” on the other side. Devin is also the creator of the animated series  Ugly Americans on comedy central.


(Above) Tom Forget ( left ) and Dan Meth (right) working harder than a Glengarry-Glen ross sales team.  …Always Be Mammaling…


(Above) Tom  and Dan making my fold out spread in issue #3 look good.


(above) Dan and his newsprint 4 pager


(above) Ben Marra (left) and Mr. Forget.