Voilá, The i-Victrola!  Don’t you want to enjoy your  i-pod with the tinny, scratchy sound that befits the post-industrial revolution? I had originally thought that this would be a dock with a port on the top but then at the suggestion of  my  better half I tried it by placing an i-pod inside and let the horn act as a passive amplifier. it works surprisingly well. The top of this lifts up.

The right side sports a coffee mill ( you could brew your own java will listening to NPR in the morning), and of course there is a gauge in the front to…uh…gauge things.

For a quick sound demo click on this link   www.youtube.com/watch?v=36E7key6Xh4


Don’t Take Any Wooden Pelvises

Every once in  a while I use the  cast off  blocks of wood in the shop to make something for my daughter.

This fellow is a little early for halloween…

and his half -brother…”Scrappy”.

A New Negative Bias Dynode Raygun

Fresh out of the work shop…(just needs to be charged)



I’ve decided to not clean out my garage but to take all the misc. parts, things, fittings, etc. and instead of throwing them out I’d  make a death ray…yes…A DEATH RAY!!!  Bwaaaa -haaa -haaa! (cue the tesla coils sound Fx).  All you art directors that scoffed at my work….I’ll show you all !

Below are some of my first forays into Ray gun-ism.  I am incredibly impressed by all the steam punked rayguns out there.  Good god there are some talented fabricators toiling away.


I’m not sure what to call this yet but it seems to be made by Sears so I can always return (I am a member of the craftsman club ©  ) it if it fails to disintegrate  my foe, or at least flush him since some of these parts are from a toilet tank.


Above raygun # 2- This baby has a switch on it, so what ever it does…watch out!  it can do it on a low AND high setting.