My Stogie-Caster

A while back I posted a logo I played around with for a cigar box guitar

I finally built the guitar to go with the logo. Kind of ass backwards I know but whether art imitates life or life imitates art is anybody’s guess.  Here are the photos of my little musical Frankenstein, a Romeo y Julieta box with a banjo neck (Are they good smokes?  Supposedly they were Churchill’s favorite… )

a Romeo y Julieta label

I always try to do all my shopping for musical instrument parts in the plumbing aisle of Home Depot.  This actually was a lot of fun, particularly when speaking with sales people.

Me: “Do you have this sink strainer in a smaller diameter?”

Sales Clerk: What size waste pipe do you have?

Me: it’s for a guitar.. not a sink….a guitar uh, made out of a cigar box .

Oh I got all sorts of reactions from  “okay Mr. Deliverance  the great depression is over, they sell real guitars in stores now”  to people who thought it was the coolest thing in the world.  I would advise everyone to check out Cigar Box Nation for all sorts of resources and check out people playing cigar box guitars on youtube  the  playing and sound is  incredible. I guarantee you’ll be converted.

The inside reinforcement for the neck and the sides.

Notice the jack hole at the end in the photo on the left. Yup, this baby is electric! Wired with the best sound you can get for $3.00 at radio shack. Right now it’s got a short piece of copper pipe as a bridge. That will probably change. The sink strainers, on either side on the top,  aside from looking cool and enhancing the sound (I think?) will also catch any bits of food left after dinner so it won’t clog the plumbing!

and …Voila! I can’t wait to start picking and a grinnin’.  As soon as I  learn how to play this baby exactly.

And…it needs a case.


2 Responses

  1. Awesome. Love it. I had no idea you build these. I have another friend who builds cigar-box guitars, as well as a *really* crazy friend who builds guitars out of cardboard (though I don’t think those are playable), and also a couple of friends who are professional luthiers.

  2. Yeah, I just bought one that I had made for me at a local place that will build it custom for you – but I do want to build it a case, and a little amp! 🙂 I like your drain holes. I posted one picture on my latest blog of mine.

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