Diana Bryan/ 1942-20010

Diana Bryan was a wonderful artist, an accomplished award winning  illustrator, and influential teacher who passed away February 22  of this year. I was fortunate to have Diana as a teacher and to team teach with her years later  in the early ’90s at Parsons.  

(above left)  Diana  2004 (right) painted stainless steel sculpture  ” Strange fruit”. 


It’s not often  you’d meet someone who taught like Diana. She was very involved with students and passionate about furthering professional practices in illustration.  She mentored a lot of  emerging young talent in the field, and championed her students every chance she got. Bob, Diane’s partner, described her  best below: 

She touched many peoples lives and influenced 20 years of illustrators as an instructor.   Diana will be missed. 


An Interview with Diana Bryan


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  1. OH my, I just found out about this! Diana was such a wonderful person to talk to, I so enjoyed getting to know her. She was a REAL challenge to set up the interview you’ve linked here but it was so worth it!! Every moment we spent talking taught me so much not only about her art but about life!

    My sympathies go out to all her loved ones. She will indeed be missed.

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