Roy Hall Portrait

I meant to post this in a more timely fashion but better late than never. Rita Hall a former designer at Newsday, commissioned me to do a portrait of her husband Roy. Which is very flattering Rita and Roy have some wonderful art up on their walls and I’m honored to be included. 

RoySketch(above) My sketches before painting. Originally I proposed having a family car Roy remembered while growing up be placed in the lower left. 

sRoy Finishpace

Roy  grew up in Scotland and has his own highly regarded, high-end  audio company Music Hall. In the portrait  Edinburgh can be seen through the window  and Roy is seated next to some of his components. His expression got more and more mischievous as I painted which actually suits Roy well I think.


One Response

  1. Les,

    How could you?
    I own one of his amplifiers, there amazing. Great picture by the way. Definitely should have bargained for an amp or some high end stereo component haha.

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