“The Thug”


An article in the papers recently announced that law enforcement’s time honored firing range target “The Thug” was being retired. ( click here for a link to speculations on the Thug’s true identity) What a great point of view the Thug utilizes, just like James Montgomery Flagg’s  ” I want you” (Uncle Sam) World War I recruiting poster,  the viewer is forced into being an active participant. Ah, another graphic icon bites the dust…


(above) a rotating target. An aesthetic that  George Nelson would appreciate.

clock2651(above) Designer George Nelson‘s ( (1908–1986)) 1950’s Ball clock.



(Above) just in time for Valentine’s day…


3 Responses

  1. where can i buy the thug in this color and have sent it to europe to put it in a frame?
    thank you

  2. These guys stock stuff with the thug design


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