Mammal 002 is Out

96 pages of hairy-knuckled madness featuring the work of Devin Clark, Jim Cooke, Matt Dorfman, Eric Eley, Tom Forget, Chris Hosmer, Les Kanturek, Ben Marra, and Dan Meth. Illustration, comics, Picture Editorials, Successes, Misfires & Odd Choices” Get your’s today!

Mammal # 1 is can also be picked up at the following locations.
Rocketship Comics (208 Smith St. in Brooklyn, NY)
Zakka (155 Plymouth St. in Dumbo, NY)
Spoonbill & Sugartown, Booksellers (218 Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, NY)
Cosmic Comics (10 E 23rd St. NYC)
Jim Hanley’s Universe (4 W 33rd St. NYC)
Giant Robot New York (437 E Ninth St. NYC)
Midtown Comics (200 W 40th St. NYC)
St.Mark’s Comics (11 St.Mark’s Place NYC)
St.Mark’s Bookshop (31 3rd Ave. NYC)
Forbidden Planet (840 Broadway NYC)
Comic Relief (2026 Sattuck Ave. Berkeley, CA)
Zanadu Comics (1923 3rd Ave. Seattle, WA)
Floating World Comics (20 NW 5th Ave. #101 Portland, OR)
Lucky’s Comics (3972 Main Street, Vancouver, BC)


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