When Harry Met Maddy

Here is the Illustration I did to accompany the review of Joanne Harris’ Book Rune Marks. Taking place in a post apocalyptic world (five hundred years after the end of the world), The protagonist of the book is a 14 year old girl named Maddy. Any book involving a young teen and magic invites comparisons to Harry Potter, and the review acknowledges the comparison by asking is Maddy the successor to Harry. Or at least the successor to his readers. I have to admit I’m a Harry Potter fan and enjoyed the series a great deal (the movies left me feeling flat though). I have to confess I have not read Rune Marks, I seldom get the opportunity to read the books that are being reviewed prior to beginning an illustration. I do really like the detective work of finding enough visual clues and info from various sources to do a book justice in a drawing and understand the review. Where Maddy’s rune mark (sort like a tattoo I gather) is on her body are things that look like no-brainers in the finish but you end up exhaustively researching to make sure it’s right. The world of Rune Marks is awash with Norse mythology which is what made the illustration fun to work on. Thor can be seen behind Maddy in my drawing, with Loki as a shape shifter to her left. Of course, a quidditch broom can be seen in the background as a nod to Harry.


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