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R.I.P. Papa

R.I.P. Papa

R.I.P. Papa

Today, July 2nd marks the 47th anniversary of Hemingway’s death. In observance of the date I’d like to pass on something I came across while researching his suicide. There is a fascinating story concerning the belt that Hemingway was wearing at the time he shot himself at his house in Ketchum Idaho. The belt is a Nazi souvenir from WWII and has a buckle inscribed with the german phrase, ” Gott Mit Uns”, Tom Sanders, (whose site is linked) is a journalist and Hemingway aficionado did some excellent research how Hemingway came in possession of the belt. Click on the link it is a fascinating story of as Tom calls it: “…my Quixotic search for a literary Holy Grail of sorts, Hemingway’s Gott Mit Uns.

On a lighter note there is a drink called “Ernest Hemingway’s death in the afternoon” as reported by by the Esquire drink database. It’s made with absinthe and champagne but that’s all the instructions you’ll get out of me, I’d feel somehow responsible. Rest in peace old man.


3 Responses

  1. LES,
    Thanks for your comments about my Gott M

  2. les,
    I am glad you are enjoying GOTT MIT UNS. i am 99% sure that I have been able to identify the Gernan soldier Hemingway killed to get the buckle..stay tuned!

    best regards
    tom sanders

  3. Tom, That is incredible. Have you shared any of this info with Anyone connected with the Hemingway estate or whatever entity looks after the house in Ketchum? I’m not sure if the house has historic landmark status yet i know it was in dispute.


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