BEHOLD! the Gumby…dammit

Always on the look out for Golem related stuff as I am, I was excited to find issue # 2 of Gumby (comics) entitled ” Behold the Golem!. Written by Bob Burden, drawn by Rick Geary, and colored by Steve Oliff.  Gumby is a great re-awakening of the world of Gumby (the Gumby-verse?) with an update in attitude. 

Self-aware, a bit political, acerbic, with cultural references galore the book is well written and has Geary’s fiendishly great artwork. All this social commentary is made while displaying a great fondness for Art Clokey’s creation. The comic really is an homage to all the surrealistic shenanigans Gumby and Pokey (his pal pony) got into in the original stop animation show and I think very true to Gumby’s spirit. If all that isn’t enough to make me want to buy the book  issue #2  is Golem themed as well. Of course there is an  obvious similarity between Gumby, the boy made of green clay and  The Golem, a man like clay creature in Jewish folklore created to protect the jewish people from anti-semites.  On page 19 of the book we witness the ringmaster hypnotizing Gumby into a golem and inscribing the word “Truth” in hebrew on his head. 

p19, Gumby issue #2

Veiled social commentary? A warning against  the hubris of ringmasters? Only a detailed, footnoted  paper in some college class will ever reveal the real truth I suspect. Despite this mystery  I’d suggest you check out a copy  before Gumby: the movie comes out.  

(all art shown ©Wildcard Ink)


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